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Zenobia Tantra

Zenobia Tantra, PT, DPT, CAPP-PF, CCI, CFeMT

  • PT: Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy (University of Illinois at Chicago), 1997
  • DPT: Doctorate of Physical Therapy (Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science), 2012
  • CAPP-PF: Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Health or Obstetric Physical Therapy – Pelvic Floor
  • CCI: Credentialed Clinical Instructor
  • CFeMT: Certificate of Functional Manual Therapy

Zenobia is one of the founding members of the company. She specializes in Pelvic Floor Rehab and is one of the few CAPP certified pelvic floor therapists in the country. She is a highly sought after PT and a clinical instructor, well loved by students and her patients.