Patient Testimonials

  • Joe is great! We have been working for months to relieve my father’s dizziness and Joe did more in two visits than all the other doctors did in two month! Thanks Joe

    Bruce Anderson

  • I am very happy with my treatment.  Mansi (and student) are very friendly and professional and do an amazing job.  Very caring and attention to detail.  Very please with my treatment and seen a great improvement in a short time.  I am recommending my roommate to get treatment here.  It will be very helpful to him as well.  Great place and great workers.  Thank you.


  • I have used several physical therapy business during my lifetime.  None of the can compare to LCPT or Zubin and Mansi.  I have primarily worked with Mansi.  I have just completed my 3rd rehab for different problems.  I could have chosen to go anywhere but LCPT has my loyalty.  Mansi listens to my needs and helps me achieve my goals.

    Barbara Medel

  • Since I’ve been coming to PT I feel more confidence in my walking/balance.  My lower back also has been soooo much better.  There are days it doesn’t bother me at all!  Saw Dr. Laskowski yesterday (7-5-17) and he can’t believe the difference.  A big thank you to a great staff here.

    Barbara Schroeder

  • Everyone was really good with me.  Enjoyed my time here.  Also, I do feel better.

    Brenda Yanez

  • Lake County Physical Therapy has been wonderful! They have a kindness and compassion for every patient.  They are knowledgeable and very passionate about what they do.  I would definately recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy.  Thank you.

    Wendy Maland

  • First,  I am much, much better than when I came here.  I did not expect to like my time here but Mansi, Erin and the student continued knowledge, professionalism and so much friendly encouragement to make my sessions here very enjoyable.  I learned, or rather re-learned, how to move and to trust my body.  Remembering the exercises when I was at home became my key to practicing and getting more mobility.  I’m definitely going to keep this up.

    Maria-Viktoria Abvicka Longstreth

  • I learned that I can and should be active in developing the muscles to support my spine and exercises that will strengthen those muscles.  I have been very sedentary and learned that iw the worst thing for me and there are exercises that ill strengthen my support muscles.  My posture has improved and I no longer “wobble” when I walk.

    Connie Dudley

  • I enjoyed coming here for PT.  My back pain is much improved through PT.  I had pain injections that made it go away completely.  My leg numbness is almost totally gone. When I came I I could not feel my right leg at all!  I didn’t enjoy walking on the treadmill with the harness that takes 50 lbs off you.  I felt weird and it was uncomfortable.  All in all my experience was wonderful. Mansi and Erin were great.  I would recommend coming here for PT.  It was nice because you got personalized attention.  STIM machine and deep tissue massage helped a lot.

    Mary Beth Gebhardt

  • Loved the therapists and their work with me. Always made sure I was okay with all procedures.  I always felt better upon leaving than I did upon arrival.  They never pushed me beyond my capacities.

    Jacqueline Howland

  • When I came here I was in severe pain of the lower spine going to my left and right legs.  I could hardly walk.  The physical therapist started stretching me and strengthening my back.  Stretching on the table, doing back exercises and leg exercises building the muscles as of today I have no pain.  I can go up and down stairs, get into a chair and walk with no pain.  Dressing has been getting better. I’m so grateful to Mansi and Erin.  They have helped me so much.

    Jill Orcutt

  • I got a clear understanding of what I need to work on.  Mansi and Erin showed me good exercises and applied treatment to relieve my symptoms.  I still have a journey ahead of me, but with PT guidance I feel that I am on the right track. Thank you for your help!


  • When I started I had a lot of pain in my hips and back limiting most of my activities.  When I was first looked at I had very little flexibility and a lack of muscle.  It hurt to sit, walk, go up the steps and down.  After the first couple of visits I already started to notice a difference.  My back pain decreased quickly with each visit and within the first couple visits of strengthening and stretching my back pain was pretty much gone.  From there we just worked on improving my hip.  Soon I was able to lift, walk and go up and down steps with a lot less pain.  By the end of summer, I am able to function pretty much back to normal.  It was a great group to work with and made a huge difference in my daily lift.

    Courtney Tekampe

  • I was having pain in my left leg when walking and sitting.  My primary doctor suggested physical therapy, so I decided to go to this facility because of a previous experience.  After several treatments I feel much better and I am continuing the exercises that were prescribed for me. The therapists were very professional to give me individual attention at every session.  Now I can walk, bend and move my leg without any pain.

    Leroy Morelli

  • I developed progressive pain to my posterior knees over the last year.  Activities such as gardening, my favorite hobby, were painful.  I came to therapy with the hope that my pain and mobility would improve.  Therapy has exceeded my highest expectations.   I am now able to perform tasks I have been unable to do for 2 years.  Mansi and Erin combine the perfect combination of compassion and encouragement needed to reach my goals.  I am truly amazed by my progress.

    Susan Meuter

  • My experience here was positive.  I really had a variety of treatments done: massages, manipulations, different exercises, etc.  They have me exercises to do at home and Mansi advised me on options for follow up.

    I really had had no troubles before the P.T.  but knew that I had problems starting with my shoulders.

    Laurel Bruggen

  • When I first started at Lake County Physical Therapy I couldn’t drive, walk or bend over without falling, or trip over nothing.  The therapy was very intense and sometimes painful But we kept it up and each time I was able to do more and more things, and not as painful.

    Today I can do things I haven’t been able to do in years.  Now they are working with my 93 year old mother.

    Thank you.

    Cynthia W – 5/17/18

    Today I can do things I haven’t been able to do in years.

  • When I started with Lake County Physical Therapy I was using a walker and a cane to get around following a double hip replacement. I also had a heavy stiff metal brace in which I was using due to an unfortunate foot drop that developed following surgery.

    5 weeks later I am no longer using a walker, cane or heavy metal brace. I have the strength and confidence as well as knowledge I need to continue with my road to recover once I end my physical therapy coming up soon.

    The staff at the Round Lake Beach location are outstanding. They are friendly, knowledgeable and determined to help you reach your goals. They make the sometime gruesome exercises seem more like fun than work.

    I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me in the short time I have been with them.

    I would recommend Lake County Physical Therapy to anyone who is serious about getting back on their feet again in no time.

    Cynthia R.

  • There are lots of choices out there for PT. My choice is LCPT. Zubin and his staff always gives me the attention and treatment that I need without looking at the clock. What was a scheduled one session usually is over two hours. They never let me leave without feeling better. For example, before seeing a back surgeon my first choice was to see Zubin and so with PT and pain management I never needed surgery. I can go either to the RLB facility or Grayslake to use the various machines anytime they’re open at no charge. Fortunately I never needed assistance, however I’ve been told by friends that I referred, Suzie at LCPT will work with you financially especially with those huge deductibles and copays these days. How can you beat all that? I highly recommend Lake County Physical Therapy.

    Frank R.

  • I’ve been coming to Lake County Physical Therapy for six weeks now. It is very conveniently located for me. My therapists have been very friendly and helpful, thanks to them I have seen a dramatic improvement in my condition. I highly recommend this facility.

    Tara K.

  • Dr Zubin & staff in the Round Lake Beach location are really wonderful. I went from bent over using a walker from my illness & infection to standing taller & using a cane. With my size, there was no way I thought I could ever do any of the apparatuses. I surprised myself & wife when they pushed me & I eventually did the treadmill & leg presses. I recommend ANY body ANY age to come here for treatments. They are the best around!

    Tim M.

  • The friendly, professional staff worked with me over the past few weeks to improve my mobility and eliminate my chronic headaches. I highly recommend this group of therapists because they care and give patients the individual attention and best treatment plan to heal. This wonderful team squeezed me in within a week when other PT clinics were booked solid for 5 weeks. Thank you LCPT, I appreciate all you did for me!

    Jennifer A.

  • If I could give Dr. Tantra a higher rating then 5 stars I would. His expertise, professionalism and outcome of treatment was tremendous. Before he treated my daughter she was having searing hip pain while running and while playing soccer. This pain had been occurring for over 3 months.

    During his initial Examination he was able to diagnose her problem, provide a treatment and demonstrate exercises for her to do on her own. After 3 weeks of treatments and home exercises the pain was gone. Since her last visit with Dr. Tantra she continues to do her series of exercises. She has been running daily anywhere from 3 – 6 miles and plays soccer 2-3 times a week. The hip pain has not returned and my daughter is very happy.

    Thank you to Dr. Tantra and his staff for taking care of my daughter and helping solve her hip pain. I highly recommend Lake County Physical Therapy.

    William S.

  • I came here for pelvic floor issues and they were phenomenal. The entire staff was friendly, open and understanding. They focus on the whole person, not just the physical therapy. Zenobia Tantra is who I saw for my PT appointments and she’s just amazing. She is so knowledgeable and again, focuses on the whole person. When I was having a very bad day I could open up to her and she would listen. It was a great experience each time I came and they resolved my issue.

    I would recommend this location for your physical therapy needs whether it be for your back, pelvic floor, hand, etc. They do it all and they have very good hours so getting appointments when your schedule allows is not difficult.

    Heather M.