Fibromyalgia Round Lake Beach & Mundelein, IL


What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic painful and debilitating condition that affects many people and has classically 4 main characteristics:

  1. Multiple trigger points of pain and multiple painful areas in the body lasting at least more than 3 months
  2. Sleep disorder
  3. Mood and memory changes
  4. Chronic fatigue


Researchers believe that Fibromyalgia causes the brain to amplify the pain signals coming to it. Additionally it is also connected with multiple other conditions such as anxiety disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches and TMJ conditions.

Symptoms can occur after a physical injury, infections, surgery, or after significant psychological stress. It may also be incurred genetically. Women are usually more likely to be affected by fibromyalgia than men.

While there is no cure for Fibromyalgia, physical therapy and massage therapy, especially myofascial release, can help significantly reduce symptoms and pain. Our Physical Therapists can teach you how to relieve symptoms of pain and stiffness, how to build strength and increase range of motion through exercises, stretching. Exercise is also known to help decrease pain using the body’s own endorphins. They can also teach you how to make good decisions to avoid flare-ups.

In addition cold packs, and hot packs or even modalities like Electrical Stimulation may be used to reduce pain. Physical therapy improves function and overall quality of life. Our licensed physical therapists are available to work with you on this debilitating condition, helping you not be afraid of exercise and choosing the correct ones that will not hurt you.

In addition to exercises, Massage is a great tool for pain relief. In a study geared to fibromyalgia patients, it was concluded that massage therapy provided the following benefits: increased serotonin level, decreased circulating stress hormones, decreased levels of substance P (basically a pain messenger), decreased tender point pain, improved sleep patterns, and improved overall sense of well being. Our massage therapists are adept at working on tender points and releasing tight muscles. Working side by side with our physical therapists they are well experienced in managing the condition in a team approach with the physical therapists. Call us to find out more.